Wood roofing

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lansdale windows

Wood roofing advantages

For many centuries the tree was the merely building material, including it was used for the roofing of houses. The first and most evident advantage of a wooden roof is its ecological compatibility. The boards and shingles have small – scale weight and fit without using any complicated tools.

Material variety and specifics

The wooden roofing - is a natural roofing material, which is made from the finest types of wood. The choice of material is quite important. The trees you select should be straight and without branches. If there are a lot of branches in the shingle then such trees are not suitable for roofing. There are several types of material:

  • shingle - small plates that are laid on the roof in staggered order;
  • schindel - plates of irregular shape and small sizes, which can be stacked either in staggered or overlapped;
  • shingles - figured sawed boards;
  • ploughshare - shingles made of wood, has a shovel shape but now it is practically not used;
  • Tes - are boards of pine wood.

Wood before laying is necessarily processed by antiseptic means - the spread of rot, mold, fungus and the accumulation of insects is prevented; as a fire and shake protection is also used specific tools - they handle each plate / shingle; the wooden roof perfectly resists winds and temperature changes; is friendly for nature environment.

Cedar for house roofs

Cedar roofing - is natural roofing and facade material, which was widely used in the construction of wooden houses. Material is stylish, beautiful, and practical. Material is new on the market in PA. We recommend shingles from cedar in Southampton as a roofing material for summerhouses, houses and hunting lodges. The sawn shingles are an excellent solution for finishing facades.

Quality guarantees

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