Synthetic roofing

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lansdale windows

Synthetic roofing advantages.

Modern roofing can be represented by many options, among which a flat roof with synthetic slate roofing occupies a special place in a modern market. In recent years, flat roofs have found wide application in private constructions and houses. Like any other roof, the flat performs a number of functions designed to protect the building from rainfall, thermal insulation and is environmentally friendly. In the case of flat roofing, it is necessary to take care of the purchase of such materials, which allow the device of continuous coating and cost less.

Material construction and specifies.

Replacement and installation of the material was established at the beginning of the last century. Flat slate is obtained from a mixture of cement binder with reinforcing asbestos fiber, ACS (asbestos cement sheets) are of two types:

  • Pressed;
  • Unpressed.

The scope of the synthetic slate is even wider than of wave slate - they can be used not only as roofing but also for erecting outhouses, barriers and facade cladding. Unlike many other materials used on facades, flat synthetic slate is initially designed for the impact of the environment and does not need additional protection. The characteristics, material construction and specifies depend on the method of replacement or installation - the entire flat synthetic slate features strength, dimensional accuracy, durability, frost resistance and fire resistance, pressed has several advantages:

  • Frost resistance - up to 50 cycles of total freezing / thawing against 20.
  • Strength - 23 mPa vs. 18 mPa.
  • Impact strength - 2.5 kJ / m² vs. 2.0 kJ / m².
  • The density is 1.8 g / m³ vs. 1.6 m³.

Quality guarantees.

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