Copper roofing

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What is copper roof?

Copper roofing - is a roof made of copper panels with the use of roofing copper with a thickness of 0.55 mm to 1 mm. The main view of the copper roof is a seamed copper roof, in which sheets of roofing copper are fastened together by folding locks (folds) of various types. Other types of copper roofs (for example, copper scales, shingles or copper metal tiles) have not been widely used.

Copper roofing advantages

Firstly, its cost is quite comparable with the cost of prestigious ceramic tiles. Secondly, if one-time expenses for the construction of a copper roof are divided for the period of its service (which is exactly one hundred fifty-one hundred years), keeping in mind the total absence of costs for planned maintenance: paint - do not, re - build - it is not necessary, it will be cheaper in price than the most affordable galvanized iron, whose maximum life - ten years. In addition, copper is thermally conductive, which means, it is possible to heat the roof in winter, preventing the formation of icicles and ice and has lightweight. Copper will withstand not only any bad weather but any quirk of the owner or his ambitious architect. The roof can imitate tiles, masonry, fish scales ... Anything!

Material construction and specifics

Roofs of copper in appearance, replacement and installation technology are divided into tile and rebate:

  • Tiled copper roof is a metal roof covering, consisting of individual elements of tiles of a small format, overlapping joints by the method of overlap.
  • The rebate copper roof is a much more airtight construction due to the almost complete absence of transverse-horizontal joints of the picture panels and also due to the special design of the longitudinal lock, which excludes any kind of leakage.

Each type of copper roof has its own installation technology, which must be strictly observed. If the work on the installation or replacement of copper roofs is carried out by an unskilled craftsman who does not understand the nodes of the copper roof, this approach, as a rule, leads to spoilage of expensive material and further problems with the roofing and the facades of the house.

Quality guarantees

Our experts will calculate the cost of copper roofing installation and replacements taking into account the complexity and the roof area of your house, as well as provide comprehensive information about the terms of payment and materials, which are used and necessary to the construction of the project in Southampton.