Asphalt roofing

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Asphalt roofing advantages.

The roof is the decoration of any house, the crown of any construction. It does not allow rain, dust and wind to enter the house and also protects the owners of the house from excessive heat, sunlight, frost and other atmospheric phenomena. In addition to the protective function, no less important is the function of decor, as the roof is an indicator of style preferences and tastes of homeowners. After all, each owner of the house wants to choose for himself roofing covering that will have all the necessary protective properties and will also be reliable, durable and beautiful.

  • The best asphalt shingle roofing can provide a reliable waterproofing to your roof. After all, out of many functions assigned to the roof, it is the protective one, is considered the main one. Therefore, one of the most important indicators of any roofing material is the reliability of waterproofing.
  • Another important characteristic of asphalt shingles is the rather wide range of temperatures at which it can be operated without problems.
  • Asphalt roofing has good strength to all mechanical loads. So, it will damage neither the falling objects nor the hail blows.
  • Shingles, which are replaced and produced by our company in Southampton, allows you to create beautiful and comfortable roofs of the most original shapes and configurations. The properties of this roofing material make it ideal for the construction of multi-layered complex roofs and for roofs, the construction of which contains quite complex architectural elements: domes, arches, rolls, concave and curved surfaces.

Material construction has these characteristics:

  • Nominal weight of 4.3 kg / sq. m;
  • The finished roofing material has a weight of one square meter - 8 kilograms;
  • Shingles of flexible tiles have a length of 1 meter and a width of 31 cm 7 mm;
  • The packaging of the sold material contains 3 square meters of ready-to-lay coating;
  • The shingles can be used at a temperature ranging from -55 ° C to +110 ° C;
  • The roof covering is made by self-gluing with the use of roofing nails for more reliable fixing.
  • Material is cheap and dimensional.

Quality guarantees.

Our company carries out measurements, calculation of roofing and facade materials and also performs roofing work. Replacement and installation of materials is carried out not only in Southampton but also throughout Pennsylvania. The company's products have a quality certificate. All production processes at the company's enterprises are conducted taking into account environmental aspects.