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How to choose patio doors for your home.

Patio door – is an excellent solution for the interior of the house. Today, double patio glass and 4- panels fiberglass doors are a worthy alternative to traditional doors made of wood or other materials. Sliding and gliding patio doors are perfect for any interior; the main thing is to choose the design and design of glass doors correctly. How to choose a patio door? An important criterion when choosing glass patio doors is the quality of the glass. Different glass can be used, depending on the functional purpose of the doors, when we replace or install patio doors.

Patio doors replacement - when and why

When do you need to patio door replacement?

  • Wrong choice of door type for room type.
  • Unprofessional door installation or the product itself is of poor quality.
  • Inappropriate operating conditions. In the event of excessive dust or dirt entering the structural elements, the door may require repair before the expected time. It is necessary to determine in advance the degree of loading on the door in the place of its installation and choose the appropriate doors for mass and strength. Also, it is necessary to control the purity and integrity of all the details in order to change them in time.
  • If the geometry of the doorway is violated as a consequence of shrinkage of the building. This reason can be attributed to force majeure but repair under the warranty here is not possible because the company is not responsible in this case.
  • Incorrect selection of accessories can lead to breakage of the glass door. It is necessary to calculate the weight of the fittings and the method of fixing it, based on the density of the door leaf.

Types of patio doors

What kinds of glass doors does our company in Southampton offer to our customers?

  • sliding doors;
  • bicuspid;
  • on the door closer;
  • pendulum;
  • arched glass patio doors.

Why us?

Our specialists are engaged in servicing, installation and patio doors replacement in all cities of PA and will be happy to help you choose the right doors individually for your requirements, estimate the cost, accessories and also help to establish everything in the shortest possible time.

Why do you need to choose our company?

  • We undertake individual and typical projects of any complexity "on a turn-key basis".
  • Organize "clean" installation; always check serviceability during install of patio door in a place.
  • We provide warranty for products.